The extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of digital finance and fintech, acquired during years of service as consultants, prepare us to identify those ventures capable of generating disruption in the industry and creating a significant base of successful clients.

We work hand in hand with the entrepreneurial team to discover their challenges, provide them with strategies and professional support that will help their business grow and prosper in the different stages.



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“If as a manager you are not experimenting and asking questions about how your organization is participating in disruption, forming new ecosystems and leveraging the collaborative economy, then your organization is at risk.”


General Partner

“The greatest impediment to a company’s future success is its nostalgia and false pride for a past success”.


General Partner

“Digital financial services are today, and with them the future of the sector will be created”.


General Partner

“Seeing and going beyond helps us to create better opportunities to build what we call the future”.


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“To make big changes you just need to be willing to let your imagination fly and not close ourselves to new ideas and possibilities that can transform the world”.


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Let’s give life to businesses that positively impact society and seek a higher purpose, beyond generating profits

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More than a consulting company, Nimmök is a large family that day by day does what it loves with passion, that is why we are committed to each one of the people that make up our human talent, offering them opportunities for growth and professional development that allow them to achieve their dreams.

We are disruptive, creative, innovative, committed and impact generators, values that we seek in each of the people who wish to become part of our organization.

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Crowdfunding that brings together small and medium enterprises that are in search of capital with people who want to invest in different business formats receiving an attractive remuneration for the money invested or acquire disruptive products in the market supporting entrepreneurs. In this way it seeks to solve the pain of entrepreneurs unable to access funding and provide advertising to help them position and grow the business.

Country: Colombia
Sector: Fintech
Status: Active

Digital payments app that seeks to provide access to the financial system to the unbanked population through a tool to access savings, credit and digital transactions (airtime recharges, payment of services, money transfers, receipt of remittances among other services).

Country: México
Sector: Fintech
Status: Active



For us it is gratifying to be able to accompany great entrepreneurs in the process of structuring a business and raising capital.


Confidence and transparency for investors:

30 years of experience in the fintech sector to find the best investment options.

Broad portfolio of fintech projects.

Experience managing a diversified project portfolio of +200M.

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